Credo 40 not working

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Credo 40 not working

Postby Bruce Rohr » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:36 pm

Hello All,

My Leaf Credo 40 after working very well for two years, stopped working. The camera is a DF645. The firmware on the DF is 159 and the Credo firmware is 4.01.2. I don't think it is the camera as I put on my 40 Leaf Aptus 2 with the DF645 and that combination works fine. The back will turn on and shows a screen, but it won't tether or shoot with out the tethering. Also the DF shows an error code 5 E or 5E and db only when the Credo is attached.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Bruce Rohr
Bruce Rohr
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