hi guys, i have a quesion

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hi guys, i have a quesion

Postby NN636840893570996280UL » Sat Jan 26, 2019 8:54 am

Hi, I have a hard drive full of photos as well as a small number of Microsoft Word documents in the .doc format. The .docs do import into my catalog but they are being misinterpreted as MPEGs. This screenshot shows the confusion. Note how it says it is a MPEG-4 rather than a Document. This is confusing since the Organize panel is including the Docs along with actual movies when I click on MPEG video.


I emailed Support and they suggested I need to install a codec to read the Word document. They provided no further details regarding where I might find such a codec.

I'm on Windows 7 and I have Microsoft Office installed and my memory is that I have been able to view Word Documents in the past (but maybe I'm wrong?). Are you able to get a word doc to show up as a word document in a Media Pro catalog?

Thanks for your help.
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