Media pro SE can’t find its Plug-ins folder

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Media pro SE can’t find its Plug-ins folder

Postby NNN634542338056444490 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:37 am

I have a working version of Media pro SE in which Scripts (annotations etc) work perfectly. I have the updated version SE in which scripts are NOT working at all. The beach-ball-of-death spins for 2 mins and nothing happens then it comes back to life as if nothing was wrong.

I wonder if the plugins are conflicting and the plug ins folder is not updating? I have had this software since at least 2007 so I may have baggage.

Can anyone tell me where the plug-ins folder needs to be for SE to work and what the plugins should have in it? In SE they are aliases, and actually refer to stuff in the packaged app. I think.

If it’s a conflict I could zap the working SE but I don’t want to lose the version that actually works, as I do a lot of annotating with scripts. Thanks.
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