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accidental card format. HELP!!!!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:13 pm
by bkracefoto2
I put my IQ250 in my camera bag without turning it of and it accidentally formatted my San Disk card. This is pretty lame the the back formats so easily. I have no photos now!!! 2 weeks in Iceland. WHAT CAN I DO? Any suggestions or help? Im on a mac OS X system

Re: accidental card format. HELP!!!!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:38 am
by Paul_Steunebrink
There are several undelete and recover tools around. I have not used one since a long time, so no recommendation that has any relevance from my side. Sandisk had one I used successfully.

You can do a search here or on the web.

Of course your misfortune is terrible, such a loss of images. But, to be honest, two weeks in Iceland, using one card only is already amazing (all eggs in one basket is a common expression here). But no backup during the trip? Maybe you had to travel extremely lightweight? I know it is wisdom after the fact. Sorry again for you. Must end well with the right tool.

Re: accidental card format. HELP!!!!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:55 pm
by NNN636450645543204399
During last 6 months 3 times I lost all my images due to accidental formatting. "Format" being 3rd option in the "Menu" on my IQ3, when we hang the camera on the strap on our shoulders some times "Menu" followed by "Format" followed by "Tick" may pressed when if we are very unlucky. When it happened to me today, I googled around and landed on this thread.

I think "Format" GUI option needs a long "Slider" as confirmation instead of a "Yes"/"No" button to format. This will save us from disaster like this.

A feature request for Phase One's software team.