Mamiya RZ67 + Winder II

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Mamiya RZ67 + Winder II

Postby NN635403753843466400UL » Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:06 am

Hello Guys,To some days I bought a Winder II for mine mamiya rz67, and since then I am trying to make winder to function…
already I removed the cover under of the camera, cleaned the electronic contacts, I bought new stacks in doubts and nothing, simply not it does not answer.
In the prism, when I connect the Winder, not it does not appear light (orange or red for dark slide) , of negative, of darkslide, no light.that is problem in the camera? Without the Winder, the camera shoot normaly and lights orange or red appear normaly.
When the Winder is no attached a camera, it function normally too
already I made the reading of the manual of the Winder, already see some videos also.

Sorry for my English, im from Brazil.
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