Recommended lenses for Architecture work

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Recommended lenses for Architecture work

Postby flashsplash » Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:40 pm

Hi folks,

Now that I have the swing of my P.O , its time to start looking for a good wide angle lens.
I have been in doubt for some time , shall I go for the Focal Plane or Leaf shutter option.....
For my portrait work I do use the leaf shutter lenses.
However for architectural work I tend to option for the focal plane shutter type.

Any of you using the 28mm AF f/4.5 lens ? Or a good alternative.

I was also wondering if a TS lens would not be a better option, but it seems that I can not find any TS wide angle lenses.
Some will say , no need since corrections can be done in C1. Yes, it can for normal distortions and perspective corrections.
That is why the wide angle lens (28mm AF f/4.5) will do the job combined with C1 lens corrections.
However the Tilt Effects of focus placement ( Scheimpflug) can not be created in any software. Some do have it but making it correct remains an issue and has not the same effect.

I would love to hear from you on but points:

1.) Recommended wide angle lens ( 28mm AF f/4.5 )
2.) Tilt Shift wide angle experience and lens type

P.S I also use besides the 645DF+ a Cambo TC body with my IQ....

Regards Steve
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