Phase 80mm LS lens

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Phase 80mm LS lens

Postby george9 » Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:17 am

I think I have a problem with my lens. The front element seems to move in/out when I handle it. While attached to my camera and I moving it around, I can hear the front element rattle (maybe not rattle, but I can hear it go back and forth). Is this the norm? Btw, I also have the 110mm and the front element is solid (no movement). Comments?

PS: Just checked it again and it seems it isn't the lens element, it is the filter screw mount (if that makes any sense). Any comments?
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Re: Phase 80mm LS lens

Postby Jon » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:25 pm

Best to have your dealer take a look at it and arrange service if necessary.
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