No capture on 645DF+ and P65+

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No capture on 645DF+ and P65+

Postby Seth » Sun Oct 06, 2013 4:37 am

Hey all,

I am new to Phase One cameras and backs. I recently bought a new 645DF+ and a used p65+ back. While using it on a major shoot I tethered the camera to a laptop and was able to get about 40 captures before the camera and back completely stopped working/capturing. I have the latest firmware on the back and the 80mm Schneider lens is brand new.

The camera will still focus but when I depress the release to capture there's a "motor" sound coming from the lens and I can see the leaf shutters moving but I don't hear the Phase One shutter release sound. Furthermore, when the "motor" sound takes place and the leaf shutters move they are certainly slower than the setting on the camera. I have no idea what's happening here since it was working fine earlier that day. I am extremely frustrated with this since it came out of nowhere and happened. I am just glad I had my Nikon D3s with me as a backup so the client was disappointed but content with the fact we were able to continue.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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