Mamiya 120mm MF lens firmware version Question

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Mamiya 120mm MF lens firmware version Question

Postby NN634887747143710563UL » Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:07 am

I have a Mamiya 120mm MF Macro lens (not an A type) S/N FK1019 and a current 645DF+ body.

The focus assist isn't working in the way I'd expect (hyper sensitive around focus point manifested by jumping from left to right arrow and back w/o showing the dot; focus icons (left & right arrow & dot) showing intermittently when release is half pressed).

I have a suggestion that I have out of date firmware in the lens (distinctly possible inasmuch as I bought the lens used).

Lens firmware is 24; body firmware is up to date: 220.

First question: is my lens firmware up to date?

Second question: Any recommendations?

(this is something I can 'live with', but I think is worth fixing if practical)
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