DF+ Durability/Field Reports?

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DF+ Durability/Field Reports?

Postby Chawn_Crawley » Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:20 pm

Following a cool-down period after having an unsuccessful go at Media Pro, I'm back to pouring over reports, blogs, reviews, etc. to get some sense about the 645 DF+ bodies.
Essentially, I'm approaching the decision time for my own MF system and I've done some testing between various brands via rentals. As expected, I did not experience a failure during rental.
I've come to understand that ALL MF systems will present challenges with regard to maintenance and that mechanical issues will occur along the way. Fair enough and I can accept that.
I will say that when one scours the internet reading material on the various manufacturers, as I have, there 'is' a preponderance of material out there with regard to problems related to the Mamiya 645 (df). I'm prepared to accept that this may not even be an accurate way of comparing one brand over the other as it's possible Mamiya just attracts a more vocal crowd, etc.

The only observation/question I have right now is that I simply don't see a notable number of complaints/issues about the DF+ body. I realize it's the newest series, but it seems like it's been out long enough for professional users to have begun reporting issues. Am I to perceive this as some limited evidence that the DF+ may be a substantial improvement with regard to the durability of the Mamiya body?

Essentially, I dislike the UI of Phocus and I LOVE that of Capture One. I also shoot Nikon and appreciate the ability to tether/sort/edit both camera systems in one software kit. Bottom line is that I want my first MF System to be Phase/Leaf and have only been put off by concerns over the durability of the Mamiya body. Is the DF+ evidence that I may dismiss my concerns about Mamiya shutter/body malfunctions and evaluate Hasselblad/Leica/Mamiya on an even playing field?
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