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645 DF Front focus

Postby steffenjahn » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:33 pm

I do have a severe front focus on my DF body. Throughout all lenses ( and I do nearly own all AF Mamiya lenses ) its approx. 7m / 21 ft to the front. The body returned from Phase and shows the identical issue after pricey "calibration and adjustment".

No difference between "precision" and "speed" in C-19.

As the replacement rental body exactly showed the same focus-difference and many colleagues suffer from the same problem, it seems to be a regular problem with the 645DF.

This problem ruined a shoot for Mercedes and Porsche... thank you PhaseOne.

Any ideas ladies & gentlemen ?
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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby Jon » Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:17 pm

Does the same problem happen in Manual focus? Based on your post here it sounds more like the CCD of your back is slightly off.

Of course if Manual focus is accurate, then we need to investigate why your repair was not successful. If for any reason a repair is not completed properly we always re-repair free of charge.
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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby NNN634217396084451480 » Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:14 pm

To whom it may concern

I felt I had a front focus problem with my 645DF camera and SK lenses. I think the problem I had was, because the Auto Focus point covers such a large area of the image circle, AF is confirmed very easily on an object that is either closer to the camera than the chosen subject - I often found it was the floor for example.

Now I pretty much use Manual Focus and confirm performance using Focus Mask and if I really need auto focus, I use my Canon 1D Mk4, which has excellent auto focus.

I think we all look forward to seeing how well the next generation camera from Phase One will perform.
Auto focus being only one of the areas that needs significant improvement.


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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby eddie122 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:15 pm

Yes I have the same problem 645DF :?: - I have a big job on tomorrow and wondered if there is a way to recalibrate like you can with the D3X. Or is it a shop or factory fix. I use mine with the LS 80ml and it is a real pain.

Any help at this late hour much appreciated.

Eddie - London
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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby Jeff12 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:19 am

I almost always use manual focus and confirm with focus mask and or C1. The AF on the Df camera is ok but nowhere near as good as the best DSLR cameras.

I cannot imagine blaming any camera for missed focus on a shoot where it is my responsibility to produce professional results.
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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby Roger11 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:12 pm

Focusing the DF with an IQ160 is joke, manual or auto. The finder is nothing like the large/bright Hasselblad V which I gave up for the Phase One and there appears to be less depth of field. I've even tried a Brightscreen focusing screen. While the new LS lenses are tack sharp, they are useless if the image is out of focus.

It's like a comedy show with my assistant having to constantly check to see if my subjects eyes are in focus, usually it's their ears. There is nothing professional about having focus problems in front of an art director.
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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby NN163027UL » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:42 pm

For the longest time I thought the focusing problems I was having was part of a learning curve. But after a year of shooting with the 55 SK and 80 SK lenses I realized something is terribly wrong.
My 80 front focuses. Getting eyes sharp is a 1 in 50 possibility if handholding at 2.8. This lens also stopped auto focusing to infiniti. When this issue came up I realized it was time to bring the lens in. Sure enough, it's totally off. Keep in mind this is the second 80 I have as the first one I got locked up and became unusable 2 weeks after having it.

My 55 SK lens back focuses! I get sharp ears and blurry eyes. Enough to drive me completely mad.

This all said it is an issue only if I am handholding and wide open. Anything above an f5.6 seems to make this not an issue. Not being able to shoot at 2.8 for fear of losing a whole shoot is crazy.

The dealer offered to send these lenses in and have them recalibrated. But they don't offer loaner lenses?! What! I will be without my camera for a whole week. I don't know about you, but I use my cameras every day! I was told if I rent lenses for a week I can put that money towards the purchase of a new lens. Head explodes.

I think we all love these cameras, backs and lenses. When you nail a shot the photographs are out of this world. But there are some real serious issues that need to be resolved. The price tag happens to ads insult to injury.
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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby NN159009UL4 » Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:27 am

The shutter on my DF body stuck closed after only 2500 actuations. Immediately following P1 repair, focus which had been deadly accurate, has become so bad that the camera is unusable. This does not appear to follow any particular pattern with regard to front or back focusing and involves more than 50% of the frames taken. While it may be unrelated P1 updated the firmware from 1.24 to 1.25. I will see how P1 handles this issue but considering this an other problems it may be that the system lacks the reliability that I need and a move back to the Japanese may be imminent. It so this would be most unfortunate as I really have become fond of flash syn @ 1/1600 outdoors hardwired to my Elinchrom and Quantum units.
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Re: 645 DF Front focus

Postby pdahan » Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:49 am

I am a photographer since 50 years
I am using the combination Aptus II 7 Phase one DF body and div Kreusnach lens 28,45,80, Mamiya 120,150
Iam using also as backUp the Aptus II 5 on Phase One Body DF with a lot of lenses.
For now 5 years, Impossible to get the right Auto focus on the eyes at F 2.8 with all the camera and body.
I had to manuelly focus
I decided to buy a Credo back with 110 mm lens Kreusnach...EXACTLY the SAME PROBLEME.
The last Five Years I had to shoot with Focal restriction to min F8 and if I wanted to go to small DOF I had to use My Canon 1Ds MIII ( and now 1DX )

There is a SERIOUS PROBLEM concerning the AUTO FOCUS with Mamiya and phase one DF camera.
I think today seriously Stoping my contribution to Hightend MF Cam system ( it is stupid to buy tools to keep them in the box)
In the last 20 years using Canon DSRL I did never get such problem , They do the job.
For me the best gear is the one I am using every day!

Sorry for my poor English ( I am French)
Best regards
Paul Dahan
ps: my website
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