Leaf Valeo 6 shuts off Mamiya when attaching

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Leaf Valeo 6 shuts off Mamiya when attaching

Postby NN634827708539737099UL » Thu May 15, 2014 12:57 am

I was using my Mamiya 645afd, with my leaf valeo 6, without incident. I took the back off the camera and hooked it up to my computer to look at the images. When done, I decided to delete the images, to make room for a photoshoot that I had. When I tried to hook the back up to the camera at the shoot, it shut the camera off. When I removed it, the camera was back on. It also, no longer shows as a drive, on my computer. Any advice would be helpful. I realize this back is dated and not supported, but I love it. Thanks.
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