P25 vs Film scans for smooth skin tones.

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P25 vs Film scans for smooth skin tones.

Postby Carmine1 » Tue Mar 08, 2005 9:15 pm

We've just completed a photo shoot using the P25 with the Mamiya 645 AF. The subject matter was a bodybuilder in a gym during a workout. This is a typical scenario for our photography. The purpose of the test was to compare the P25 images against our film scans so we shot film as well under the same lighting conditions (flash). Images were processed using C1 Raw, and white balanced to a macbeth card that was placed in the scene. Film was scanned on a drum scanner. The film scans and processed P25 images were printed side by side on a Fuji Pictro(photgraphic proof).

We found that although the P25 images were very sharp and captured more than enough detail, we got quite unpleasant side effects with regards to color. Our highlight areas showed fragmented areas of coloured pixels. The transition of tones overall in the athlete's skin was much less smooth than the film scans. We seemed to get uneveness of colour as well. We founds that the reds seemed to dominate although
some areas fluctuated from too red to subtle yet disturbing areas of blue and yellow. The film scans were smoother and more forgiving.

Has anyone had similar experiences with shooting people and especially when it comes to capturing smooth skintones?
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Postby Ulf » Wed Mar 09, 2005 10:59 am

I would like you to contact your dealer which can do onsite testing.

But this is a few pointers.
There is skintone profiles available which can suppress the dominate red you expressed.
Sharpening has a option called \"soft\" this is made specially for skintones.
You can also use banding / noise suppression to add noise and by that get less details and smoother transition simular to the scanned film you are comparing with.
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Postby Michael Grøn » Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:57 pm

Hi Carmine

In the Windows forum, I raised a question concerning a similar issue - for some reason occasionally I had problems with the P25 portrait neutral profile - where shadowy areas were yellowish - almost making these areas look as if the model had received a severe beating a couple of days before - also the skintones were extremely reddish.

I overcame the problem by changing from the P25 portrait neutral profile to Adobe 98 which produced images with no redness and smooth transitions in the shadows.

At the suggestion of P1, I reinstalled C1 as they suspected that the profile was somehow corrupt.

Since then I have not seen similar problems.

Regards Michael
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