P25+ on a RZ67pro :need light

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P25+ on a RZ67pro :need light

Postby alexandremayeur » Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:51 pm


I have a phaseone645 with a p25+
I just discover that with the correct plate, I can adapt a P25+ (or other DB) on a 6x7 RZ67pro. (I don't want to discuss here how technically doing that, but just the result in terms of the image).
I am thinking in for a use for portrait photography, and wondering why you guys, want to do that ! :D

I am very new to this concept (and not English speaker), so I hope my question won't look stupid : what's the point ? What does it bring that it's better for the picture to use the P25+ with a RZ67 lens than a 645 lens ?
Because I believe if you do this, it's because you are looking for something "better". Right ?

That' what I understand so far.
The P25+ sensor (48,9x36,7) is smaller than the 6x7 format of the RZ67 => So, using the RZ67 with a P25+ there will be a crop factor. (I have no idea of how much exactly, sorry. So let's pretend a 200mmRZ67 lens used on a RZ67 (6x7) will be the equivalent a 250 mm RZ lens, when used with the P25+ small sensor).

So my question : why not simply use a 250 mm (645) lens on the 645 p+ ? (Or should I do a conversion ? Use a 200mm 645 lens, on a 645p+) . (Here I am a little bit confused by the conversions).

I hope my question makes sense....
The first thing I can think that will change/improve :
- The perspective will be changing (wider than 250 mm).
- The minimal focusing distance will be closer.
- But the back ground will be less blur, less bokeh.

Maybe someone would have some website where I could see side by side a picture made with a P+ DB on with a 645 lens, and the equivalent, with a RZ lens ?

Sorry again for my bad English, sorry if this question has been treated already (I don't find anything clear on that question).

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