hi , i still have problem in studio shooting with p20.

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hi , i still have problem in studio shooting with p20.

Postby isa11 » Fri Jan 07, 2005 12:06 am

i have p20 and i have classic lights 5 branch c71 brown color . in the past i used this lights with 22 aparture but now i want to have these light(flashes) and with this aparture . but i see my pics doesnt have the correct light and color . even with these flashes i have a dark image in my lcd. and i have to expouse in phase one . and i also not sure about the corret profile . i mean i have to use phase one with flash or not ? and the other thing is ithat is it better to set my exosure and color in c1 or in photoshop? and for my size for example at 20*25 cm which dpi is sutibale for prosses? i even when expose at 16 aparture my image is dark in lcd . what should i do ? please help me about these setting before developing . thanks a lot.
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Postby damienlovegrove » Sat Jan 08, 2005 1:05 am

Hi Isa,

I am not familiar with the flash system you use. You must get the exposure right in camera at the time of taking. You either need to add more light, open the aperture on the lens, or use a higher ISO setting. Use the histogram or a good computer screen to check exposure. Write down these settings, and use them as a starting point in future. 'Product Flash' should give you accurate colour. If not tethered, use a custom white balance.

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