P25, Contax and frame rates

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P25, Contax and frame rates

Postby aaanorton » Thu Dec 30, 2004 8:43 pm

I just received shipment of my P25 Contax back. Speed seems to be an issue with this setup. It seems like the back prevents the camera from operating before it is ready, which is good as it prevents overlaps which I've seen from the H25s, but bad for quick shooting.
One suggestion: allow the auto-focus (trigger half-press) to operate while the back is saving the previous frame. There is a good ~2 second delay between frames so that the back can save files properly. In lieu of reducing this time (which would be ideal!), it would help immensely to be able to at least auto-focus in preparation for the next frame. As it is, I have to wait for the beep with my finger completely off the trigger, then focus and finally capture.

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Postby Ulf » Thu Dec 30, 2004 10:56 pm

Sorry to say there is nothing we can do there when it is with in the basic function of the camera it self which does not allow this function while there is no more film in film casette / digital camera not ready.
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