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P30 shooting speeds to CF cards

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 1:53 am
by Alistair21
According to Phaseone the P30 will shoot 45 frames per minute to CF cards and the P25 will shoot 35 frames per minute.

In the real world. On my P25 capturing IIQ large, using 1 gig scandisk 3 cards (to my knowledge, the fastest write speed currently available) I can shoot a complete card of around 38-40 shots at a constant, uniformed speed until it is full.

On the P30, using the same CF cards and file format, I get about 12 frames in a row, at a constant and uniform speed, and then it hits a buffer of around 2-3 seconds, then it lets me shoot another frame, then another 2 second buffer, then 2 frames more quickly again and so on until the card is full at 27-30 frames.

Over a timed 30 second test,shooting as quickly as the camera would let me and that I repeated 4 times, I only was able to get 15 frames on the P25 and 15 frames on the P30

The first 12 frames do feel faster on the P30 but when you add in the extra buffering, it ends up being slower than the P25. (to a maximum of 27 frames the number of frames a P30 will get on a 1 gig card)

I know that shooting quickly doesn't necessarily mean better images but never the less, as a digital technician, renting my gear to photographers, I know that they will get annoyed by the buffering.

Is there anyway of getting a faster write speed from the internal buffer in the back to the CF cards to get constant shooting?

Shooting tethered with P30

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 5:27 am
by Alistair21
In follow up, I also took the back into a mac store the other day to use it with a new Intel Duo Core mac.

I used an imac with a 2 gig duo core chip but only a standard 512 ram.

I wanted to time how long it took to download a card into C1pro 3.7.3, ie to copy across and build all the previews.

I found, to process one frame, it took about the same time as my 2 1/2 year old 1 gig g4 laptop with 1 gig of ram.