Contax 645 and P digital backs?

Questions, comments and suggestions regarding Phase One P+ series and P series digital camera backs.

Contax 645 and P digital backs?

Postby Alexander Krasotkin » Sun Dec 04, 2005 2:50 pm

Good afternoon,

I have a few questions re use of P series on Contax 645 AF:

1) Will Phase One continue to produce P digital backs for Contax 645 system? I do not have an idea, if recently announced P45, P30 and P21 will have Contax 645 mount.

2) How does P back perform with a wide angle (especially landscapes) comparing to top digital SLRs?

3) Is there noticable noise at 800 ICO?

4) Is it possible to upgrade lower version of P back to the higher version? Say, if I buy P20/25, can I upgrade it to P30/45 in future?

Apreciate your feedback and advice.

Alexander Krasotkin
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Postby Ulf » Mon Dec 05, 2005 4:33 pm

1. Yes we will!
2. Higher quality lenses can only mean better results. Far superior.
3. Until now we have used so called pixel binding to achieve ISO 800, this mean that noise level is similar to ISO 400 but file is only half the size.
With P30 ISO 800 will be achieving without pixel binding when is uses micro lenses. the result is again similar to ISO400 but not to be confused with DSLR \"fake\" feel, it has much more of a natural film feel to it.
4. Yes, Phase One has always had upgrade programs.
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