Mirror lock up on a V system

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Mirror lock up on a V system

Postby VictorB » Sat Sep 24, 2005 11:09 pm

I have posted this problem to Phase One tech support but am woundering if anyone else has notice this. First of all I am very ,very, very picky and have the time to be so and this back is a chunk of change.

On my V system, regardles of lens, if I shoot an image with the mirror up (which puts the back into a 2 shot mode) and then immediately shoot the same image with the mirror down (1 shot mode) there is a noticible/distinct difference between the images. To my amazement the sharper image is always in the 1 shot mode. I have done numerous tests from lens charts to brick walls to you name it but the bottom line is that this back captures images differently when in the 2 shot mode. I encourage you to make the test for yourself. It won't matter if you use a winder or cable release as the back in 1 shot mode doesn't care. The camera must be on a sturdy tripod and not moved during your test. Shoot something you can relay on for a sharpness test and shoot the first image with the mirror up. You will have less than 5 seconds to ultimately take that image. Now take that same image with the mirror down - ie 1 shot mode. Process any way you want - but both images the same - and ultimately bring the images into photoshop. Place the two images on top of each other so that if you want to view them (from the window drop down dialog) they won't shift when viewed. View at 100% pixels or more and you should see a difference. The difference may be slight but there shouldn't be any differnce. Mirror down should show more black pixels which means more contrast and finer detail - at least that has been the case with me. I can't imagin this being a situation that only manifests itself to the back that I have recently purchased. I know there are work arounds and all sorts of other stuff but I just don't understand why the P25 back should care whether or not it is in 1 or 2 shot mode. I will be glad to send anyone images so that they can see for themselves the difference.

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Postby Ashley11 » Sun Sep 25, 2005 8:48 am

I have noticed a similar thing but didn't get to hung up on it.
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