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P25 Best preview speed possible?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 8:14 am
by Andrew311
Hi Group

What is the best speed that I can expect using a P25 back on a Mamiya 645AFD 2?
At present I get a preview on my Powerbook sceen 8 seconds after shooting, this machine is a G4 Powerbook 1.25GHz with 1.5GB of memory.

In the studio I am using a twin 2.5GHz G5 with 4.5 GB of memory, the best preview rate is around 4 seconds after shooting.

I can shoot every 1.5 secs (Approx) but I would like a better screen preview rate if possible.

I have read all previous posts including shooting to a external drive but this didn't improve the rate, it may have shaved upto a second off , thats all.

I have been told that a new iMac 2 GHz machine with 2GB memory is fast at around 2 seconds to get a screen preview, is this the experience of other users, this seems very quick, great if its possible!

Any comments / help / best portable machine to buy/ Mac or PC, it must be a laptop as the studio preview rate is fine.

Andy C Bournemouth UK