need item phase one P45 and P65+ please

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need item phase one P45 and P65+ please

Postby NNN637388118229573259 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:29 am

hello, I need help to find missing items please.
I have the possibility of acquiring phase one
p45 and p65 +,
but I am not familiar with this type of device
I would like please that you help me in order to know if I am not doing something stupid, these cameras come from an airplane which took aerial photos, so were 4x phase one p45 combined in a box
and another pack of 6x phase one p65 +

I have for the moment no information on the number of triggers etc, except that it worked flawlessly before their dismantling of the device, except I notice on the photos of the seller, which is missing a part on the back of the device no?
this element is essential for its use in a body?
if so, where can these items be found?

I should also need battery, and cable
I scheké ebay, but nothing at all
Thanks for your help
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Re: need item phase one P45 and P65+ please

Postby Ulf » Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:43 am

From what I can see, the backs have Hasselblad V mount which means it can be used on all Hasselblad 500 series camera with C type lenses.
Just note that there is tape covering two optical sensors which have to be removed before mounting it on a Hasselblad camera.
Some have IR filters (Green looking sensor) and some do not, in order to shoot in the IR spectra.
Any necessary accessory / cables you need can be purchased from a Phase One partner in your local region.
If you need IR filter mounted and refocus for visual range then this can also be arranged by your local Phase One partner.

Contact information can be found here:;
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