Tethering & cf card

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Tethering & cf card

Postby NNN636251815618165756 » Thu Aug 26, 2021 12:19 pm

hey everyone,
im buying a Phase one 645 af with a p30+ back right now and wanted to know a couple things now.

1 - Which Cf Card is recomendet to use with the p30+ back?
2 - Which tether cable / setup/ adapter do i need to use with the p30+ back to work with my macbook pro 2019 (Only usb c Ports) - Notice! - Im working with capture one 21
I read that big sur is not supporting firewire anymore - but what about using windows on the mac? wont it be possible to install a second partition with catalina and then run only the tethering with this=
3 - i have a sony only licence ffrom capture - which licence do i need to work with sony and also with the p30+

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
Have a nice day.
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