Have a question, need an answer? Create a support case.

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Have a question, need an answer? Create a support case.

Postby Jon » Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:21 pm


All inquiries that require/request a response from Phase One Staff should be submitted in a support case at support.phaseone.com. You will receive an answer in a timely manner as we have staffing to handle support cases nearly 22 hours a day 5 days a week.

This forum exists, as the name states, as a user to user forum. Its purpose is to provide a place for you, our customers to share experiences, consult with one another, discuss workflow, tips, etc. We in support make every effort to provide feedback where we can, however our main focus will always be support cases. Because of this we cannot guarantee a response will be given in a timely manner or at all. Sometimes we are very busy with cases (such as around the time of a new release) and other times less so. If you need an answer, create a support case and you will get one. Simple as that. :D

But I created a support case and never heard back!?
Chances are your did recieve a reply but the notification email was sent to your spam box. Notifications are sent from noreply@phaseone.com and can be flagged sometimes. If you think this is the case, simply log in and go to Contact Support at support.phaseone.com. There you will see a My Cases button in blue and you can find your recent case and response there.
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