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645 DF & Aptus-11 8 tethering problems

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:47 pm
by NNN634232810917940734
I'm having issues with tethering my Mamiya 645 DF & Aptus-11 8 to a Apple iMac OSX 10.5.8
I've got a FireWire booster on the input, but every time the back starts up it doesn't say its ready to shoot. The orange stays on. I know the iMac can see the camera because I can see the CF card appear on the desktop, but It can't connect to Capture One 6.4.4
When you go to take a shot the camera viewfinder says -no db- and it won't do anything.
I've done the usual 'factory reset' but nothing.
Can any one help please?