Compare & Contrast RAW processing programs

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Compare & Contrast RAW processing programs

Postby hdomke » Mon Dec 06, 2004 4:05 pm

Normally I use Adobe's Capture RAW program for image processing.
My new camera (Canon's 1Ds Mark II) is not yet supported by Capture RAW. I am tempted by C1.

Can anyone compare and contrast the different RAW processing programs that are available for the Mac for RAW files from 1Ds Mark II?
• Adobe ACR 2.4 (for anyone who has access to the beta version)
• Bibble Pro
• Capture One 3.6
• Digital Photo Professional 1.5

Anything else out there?

Is it time for me to learn Capture One 3.6 by Phase One?

Does anyone have a kind word to say about Canon's bundled Digital Photo Professional 1.5?

If it  matters, I am using a Mac (10.3.6) G5 DP with 4 GB RAM.
My work is destined for output as large fine art nature prints on an Epson 9600.

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