workflow suggestions please for high volume projects.

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workflow suggestions please for high volume projects.

Postby dmcgoldrick » Thu Jan 19, 2006 6:29 pm

hi, is C1 PRO capable of doing the following high volume work in a short time scale................
take approx 1,500 RAW images to edit initially and quickly reduce down to approx 500.
correct (to a good standard but not completely finished) these 500 and produce.......
1. web size images watermarked with a copyright text onto the image (not just into the meta data)
2. slide show images
3. some black and white images
4. jpeg (or tiff) suitable for printing various sizes at a lab or onto inkjet printers

all this looks possible (not sure about adding the copyright info)
BUT has anyone experience of how long this takes to do on an average pentium 4 ,xp pro, 1gb ram, 2.4 machine.
or is it best to continue using photoshop cs... mainly using jpeg images and just raw for low volume work.........
all ideas suggestions very welcome.
Dave McG
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