Histogram Shift in C1 LE 3.73?

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Histogram Shift in C1 LE 3.73?

Postby Johndy » Fri Dec 30, 2005 4:28 pm

I recently upgraded C1 LE to 3.7.3. Since that time I have noticed what appears to be a histogram shift on images I process. Could be I just missed it prior, but now its noticeable.

I shoot a Canon 1D mkII in RAW. I process the images in C1 LE: crop, adjust exposure & contrast to balance the histogram to provide full dynamic range. I then typically output to jpg or tif. In the most recent case, it was 150 dpi jpg. In the most recent batch, I had most images show, in the exposure tab’s histogram, a full range from 0 to 255. I add the adjusted image to the output queue and move on. Once I process the images, however, and open them in Adobe CS, I notice that the histogram has shifted the low end from 0 to about 15 – 20, requiring a need to run curves to readjust the image’s histogram which end up too light.

While this could be a user error, I can’t discern where I am making this change between completion of my adjustment and addition to the output queue. I need some help to stop the amount of time I am spending readjusting after use of C1 LE.

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