Deleted files not marked as Trashed

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Deleted files not marked as Trashed

Postby Roger12 » Thu Aug 25, 2005 10:09 pm

When i edit I have a couple of different folders of RAW files, one for each camera body. I hit the delete button, C1 marks it as Trashed, and then the next image shows up and i go through the folder and delete the out takes this way. When i am done i transfer just the keepers, the ones that are not marked as Trashed to another folder and then rename them in Breezebrowser. Then i reopen the final selections in C1 and adjsut for exposure, color, etc. Except several files that I know i deleted were not deleted, I wouldnt be able to move on to the next file in the original edit if C1 didnt remove it from the previews. there is no way to double check that the ones i want removed are in fact deleted before I rename them since there about a 1000 files and there are subtle diffrences between smiliar photos that can only be seen in C1.

Anyone else see this? this has happened several times now. Its not a real problem, exept for having out takes show up in the final proofs, I cant re-edit and rename the files becasue they have already been archived.

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