Rotated image does not develop and some suggestions

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Rotated image does not develop and some suggestions

Postby garry41 » Fri Aug 12, 2005 11:06 pm

Using Win Pro 3.7
I put a crop on an image. Decided it needed slight rotation which I did. Confirmed the rotation, when the rotation was done began to process the image. The image processed, I watched the .tmp files write to the Develops folder, but it did not write the final jpg.

I finally figured out that because of the rotation a sliver of the crop box now fell outside the image area. Put another way, rotation did not force the crop box to shrink and stay inside the image area. I have a screen capture that I can send you, you can see what I mean.

Obviously this is some sort of bug that needs to be cleaned up. I was going nuts trying to figure out why my Develops folder was one image shy. It also took a fair amount of time for me to figure out why the image was processing but not writing.

A few things I would like to make image cropping more efficient

--Have the crop tool display what crop is currently active. I hate having to click on the drop down to see if I've got an 8x10 or a 5x7 crop going.
--If I have my 5x7 crop tool selected how about a keystroke to toggle it to 7x5 and then toggle back to 5x7.
--Shortcut keys to activate and change crops. If the crops and shortcut keys can't be user defined then C1 should have the most common crops pre-defined and programmed in.
--A way to rearrange the list order of the crops I have created.
--Allow me to hit ENTER to rotate an image, I don't like having to mouse up to the crop icon. Which brings me to a peeve:

Please get rid of the \"Rotate the Image?\" dialog box. DUH, I just set the rotation, of course I want it to rotate. The dialog is redundant, annyoing and a waste of time. A CANCEL button on the task bar would be cleaner and more useful should I want to bail out of a rotation.
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