Does Thumbnail Sort by Date AND Time created?

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Does Thumbnail Sort by Date AND Time created?

Postby artmanphoto » Tue Jul 12, 2005 5:35 am

I am using C1 Pro 3.7 for Windows. I use two Nikon D1X's when I shoot a wedding. Just before the wedding starts I check to ensure that the camera clocks are set for the correct date and time.

After I download the CF cards from both cameras into C1 I set the Thumbnail sort order to \"Date Taken\". Each time I do this the files from my camera appear first in the file list the files from the second camera used by my assistant appears after the file from my camera.

If I have the Thumbnail sort set to \"Date Taken\" why doesn't C1 display the files from both cameras in the Date AND Time created order?

I hope someone can help! Have a great week!
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